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Author Bio

Dawn Annis lives and writes in Northern


  A Colorado native, I live with my husband and soul mate, Scott  along with our wicked smart son, Nick.  They are my strength, my  inspiration and always offer comedic relief. I love taking walks around the lake or climbing the hills with my  husband.  We get out as often as we can but truly not as often as  we should.   I can sit and watch the birds in the bird bath outside my window for  hours and have been known to name a few.  Jack and Jenny Wren  are my favorites.   My flower and herb gardens are a passion.  As my husband says  ‘Put Dawn in the garden, up to her elbows in rich dirt and she  blooms’.   When the snow flies, I can be found in a comfy chair by the  fireplace with book in hand.  I love to read.  All sorts of authors and  genres.   But my true calling is writing.  Writing is food for my soul.  The  stories run through my head day and night, much to the chagrin of  my husband when I am fumbling around in the dark because I have  had a simply brilliant idea and must get it down on paper as I won’t  remember it in the morning.   I love words.  Always have.  Worlds can be created with words.   Relationships can be built with words.  A child’s tears can be dried  with words. And a gut clutching, gonna pee your pants, tears rolling  down your face, belly laugh can be started with words.
Author Bio